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ProductFrequency Min GHzFrequency Max GHzInsertion Loss dBReturn Loss dBRejection
AGBPF0633.69.00.571820dB at 1.6GHz and 16.8GHz
AGBPF0787.18.51.441820dB at 4.8GHz and 12.5GHz
AGBPF1008.012.01.052020dB at 4.9GHz and 18.2GHz
AGBPF11810.712.91.652020dB at 8.1GHz and 15.3GHz
AGBPF15012.018.00.992020dB at 8.7GHz and 23.7GHz
AGBPF19517.721.21.451820dB at 13.3GHz and 24.8GHz
AGBPF26320.532.00.742020dB at 14.4GHz
AGBPF29527.032.01.102020dB at 20.4GHz and 50.0GHz
APTX-17522145-BPF-X100117.5221.453.151320 dB at 14.3 GHz and 25.1 GHz
AGM-01010.5013.153.71530dB at 7.53GHz and 16.83GHz
AGM-0097.09.637.830dB at 4.67GHz and 13.18GHz
AGM-01117.5221.453.88830dB at 12.58GHz and 27.77GHz

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