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Letter to Shareholders

Letter to Shareholders
November 18, 2020
I hope you and your family are staying safe and are in good health when this letter reaches you. I am writing to you today to directly convey the progress AMPG has made in the last year and to update you on our status since the Covid-19 outbreak reared its ugly head into our lives. I am proud to say that we have survived the devastating effects of the outbreak and have continued our strategic path to growth and expanding our capabilities on a global scale. We have changed the face of our company by changing our business model from an established low volume, custom niche product manufacturer and designer to that of using our advanced intellectual property to address the larger and rapidly growing commercial high-volume markets. The demand for better, faster, clearer, and more accessible communications is greater than it has ever been. That means our products, which once were used only when the world needed the best performance for certain applications, could now be considered essential to meet almost every communication application. Therefore, we have made many changes to our company to adapt and meet these rising demands. I will list some of our major achievements below:
Important Milestones for 2019 and 2020
  • Re-organization of BOD.
  • Obtained non-dilutive financing/funding.
  • Executed first accretive acquisition (Specialty Microwave).
  • Expanded Technical and Sales teams with key engineering and executive talent.
  • Engaged Maxim Group, LLC to re-IPO and try to up-list to Nasdaq.
  • Engaged Investment banking consultant.
  • Expanded our IP portfolio with assets from acquisition as well as filing new patents.
  • Expanded customer base by adding OneWeb, CNN, Fox News, Globecomm, General Dynamics, and many other notable Specialty Microwave customers.
  • Developed and expanded joint product line offering by creating up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for AMPG and Specialty to larger customer base.
  • Developed new cryogenic amplifiers for use in quantum computing and research.
  • Generated Pro-Forma Revenues of $4 million (post acquisition).
  • Uploaded new product list for U.S. Government GSA (General Services Administration) leading to increased RFQ activity on $500,000 GSA award.
  • Increased Company market cap from $2.7 million to ~$8 million.
Therefore, even though it is not readily apparent, AMPG has been pretty busy at increasing shareholder value and its capabilities of becoming a center-stage performer.
As can be seen in the above chart, we expect our new products and technologies to bring much higher market support and valuation, especially once we have up-listed to NASDAQ (expected by the end of this year). Therefore, I thank all of you for your continued support and urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and pledge more support at this critical time to make possibly the best investment of the year! I also urge you to please provide us with your preferred email and contact information so we can stay connected for future updates.

Fawad Maqbool