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AmpliTech to Launch MMIC Semiconductor Chip Design Center in Texas to Complete Development of State-of-the-Art Signal Amplifier ‘Systems on a Chip’

Oct 03, 2021

Bohemia, NY, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AmpliTech Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMPG), a designer, developer, and manufacturer of state-of-the-art signal-processing components for satellite and 5G communications networks, defense, space, and other commercial applications, today announced plans to open a MMIC chip design center in Texas and has highly experienced MMIC design professionals on its team.  AmpliTech expects the facility to be fully operational by year-end 2021. 

MMICs, or monolithic microwave integrated circuits, are semiconductor chips used in high-frequency communications applications such as signal amplifiers and filters for mobile phones or satellites. They combine transistors and passive devices, such as resistors and capacitors, on the same chip and may be analog only, or mixed-mode analog and digital. MMICs are widely desired for power amplification solutions to service emerging technologies such as satellite payloads, phased array antennas, and quantum computing. The reason for this shift in MMIC usage is that MMICs carry a smaller footprint enabling them to be incorporated in a broader array of systems, while also reducing costs by eliminating the need for connectors and skilled labor. In mission-critical applications such as satellite communications, it is crucial that amplification components must exhibit extremely low noise interference to maintain a reliable signal while minimizing data corruption. AmpliTech’s low noise amplifiers deliver the lowest noise performance in the industry, at a consistent rate across frequencies, making communications systems efficient and reliable. By coalescing its first-rate amplification solutions into its MMIC product line, AmpliTech believes it will be able to provide immense value to its customers. To protect its unique designs and processes, AmpliTech is working to secure patents for key elements of its MMIC designs and technology.

Over the past several months, AmpliTech started to implement several of its proprietary amplifier designs into MMIC components. The team’s success, along with future development needs and opportunities, has made it clear that AmpliTech’s long-term growth and profitability would be best served by bringing its MMIC development efforts fully in-house. This strategic priority paved the way for the creation and launching of the design center, which will be owned by AmpliTech.

Fawad Maqbool, CEO, commented, “The formation of the MMIC Design Center illustrates AmpliTech’s continued focus on innovation and technology leadership, as well as our risk and cost-management disciplines. We are building our company to meet the substantial demand we see for best-of-breed, low noise amplifiers and other technologies across satellite communications, 5G/telecommunications, defense, aerospace, and other markets. Furthermore, we are confident that the capabilities, cost, form factor, flexibility, and scalability of MMIC-based products will be very well received across our end markets.

“The global telecom, satcom, and broader technology industry are planning huge investments to build out 5G connectivity that meets the true goal of 1 gigabit per second data transfer and for the launch of tens of thousands of additional Low Earth Orbit or other satellites to support global data growth in the sky.

“Through our MMIC initiative, we are working to position AmpliTech as a key provider of signal amplification solutions that will enable communications networks to accomplish more at a lower cost. With our world-class MMIC designs, we endeavor to meet each customer’s specific needs with highly performant, cost-effective, and smaller form factor solutions with lower current consumption and better noise figures than current offerings. Our MMIC Design Center will also complement AmpliTech’s ongoing new product R&D efforts by providing a pathway for translating them into higher volume MMIC solutions.”

About AmpliTech Group, Inc. (www.amplitechinc.com)

AmpliTech Group, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) components for global satellite communications, telecom (5G & IoT), space, defense, and quantum computing markets as well as systems and component design consulting services. AmpliTech has a 13+ year track record of developing high performance, custom solutions to meet the unique needs of some of the largest companies in the global industries we serve. We are proud of the unique skills, experience and dedication of our focused team which enables us to deliver superior solutions, faster time to market, competitive pricing and excellent customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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