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Waveguide Amplifiers


The APTW6-06700775-50K10-112-D6 is a High Gain (60 dB min) amplifier, with very Low Noise Temperature (50K max) and a WR112 (end-launch adapter) waveguide input and N Female output connector. The amplifier has good Flatness (±1.0 dB max) and excellent Insertion and Return Loss (20 dB typ) due to our unique non-isolator design. The LNA is designed with internal DC regulation, reverse voltage protection, PHEMT technology, and MIL-883, MIL-45208 construction and reliability.  The LNA comes in a compact package (2.5in x 3.75in) and can be supplied with SMA Female output connector as well.  Used in military satellite antenna systems, base stations, repeaters of cellular network, radar, and satellite communications.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Frequency Min (GHz): 6.7
Frequency Max (GHz): 7.75
Gain (dB): 60
Noise Figure (dB): 0.7
Input VSWR: 1.25
Output VSWR: 1.22
P1dB: +10dBm
Current: +15VDC, 225 mA Nom
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