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Power Dividers

Only numeric values are allowed.

ProductConfigurationFrequency Min GHzFrequency Max GHzRF Input Power
AMPD-000102002 Way0.012.030 dBm
APTPD-16-00500600-SMA-S16 Way0.5630 W
APTPD-16-00700400-BNC16 Way0.7430 W
APTPD-2-00450750-SMA2 Way0.457.530 W
APTPD-2-00500600-N2 Way0.5630 to 50 W (CW)
APTPD-2-00500600-SMA2 Way0.5630 to 50 W (CW)
APTPD-2-00500800-N2 Way0.581.5 to 20 W (CW)
APTPD-2-00501800-SMA2 Way0.51820 W
APTPD-2-02001800-N2 Way21830 W
APTPD-2-02001800-SMA2 Way21830 W
APTPD-3-02001800-SMA3 Way21825 W
APTPD-3-06001800-SMA3 Way61810 W
APTPD-4-00400720-SMA4 Way0.47.230 W
APTPD-4-00500600-SMA4 Way0.5630 W
APTPD-4-00500600-SMA-S4 Way0.5630 W
APTPD-4-00501800-SMA4 Way0.51830 W
APTPD-4-00600740-SMA-S4 Way0.67.430 W
APTPD-4-00700400-BNC4 Way0.7430 W
APTPD-4-02001800-N4 Way21830 W
APTPD-4-02001800-SMA4 Way21830 W
APTPD-4-04001800-SMA4 Way41830 W
APTPD-6-02001800-N6 Way21830 W
APTPD-6-02001800-SMA6 Way21830 W
APTPD-8-00500600-SMA8 Way0.5630 W
APTPD-8-00600740-SMA8 Way0.67.430 W
APTPD-8-00700400-BNC8 Way0.71830 W
APTPD-8-02001800-SMA8 Way21825 W

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