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5G Products

Introducing Our New 5G CAT B 64T/64R Open-Radio Unit Model A1001-RU-1

The A1001-RU-1 is our New CAT B Open-Radio Unit (O-RU) for Open Radio Access Networks (O-RAN). It has an integrated mMIMO (Massive MIMO) antenna with 192 elements and Amplitech's own MMIC LNAs to provide improved coverage area and throughput speeds up to 1 Gbps. The radio is capable of operating with multiple CU/DU platforms and provides dynamic beamforming for simultaneous coverage to thousands of users. 

Applications: Public or Private Networks. High Speed & Low Latency Networks. Internet of Things Deployments. Small Cell Deployments. Large Scale Urban 5G Deployments. Back Haul

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Duplex Mode: TDD
Modulation: QPSK/QAM 256/64/16
Sub-Carrier Spacing (SCS): 15, 30 KHz
DC Power @ 296K: Single -48V, <900W
mMIMO: 64T64R
RF Output Power: 2.5W per port
EIRP: +74 dBm
Interface Protocol: Split 7.2x
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