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Cryogenic Amplifiers


APTC3-06000850-1K00-D2 is an ultra-low noise cryogenic amplifier which is designed for cryogenic applications down to 4K, with an industry low Noise Figure of 25K at +296K and 2K at 4K case temperatures across the band. The LNA has a good gain flatness and VSWR across the entire band and up to 10 GHz for use in different applications. An optional super slim version is also available for low profile, stackable solution. This amplifier is also well suited for PHASED ARRAY ANTENNA applications where ultra-low noise figure and LOWEST POWER DISSIPATION is critical to performance of the receiver gain and sensitivity. 

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Type: Cryogenic Amplifier for Quantum computing
Frequency Min (GHz): 6
Frequency Max (GHz): 8.5
Gain (dB): 42 Typ
Flatness (dB): +/- 0.5
Noise Figure (dB): 25K Typ @ 296K
Input VSWR: 1.5:1
Output VSWR: 1.5:1
P1dB: -6 dBm Typ
Current: 8 mA @ 4K
Noise Temp (K): <2K @ 4K
Outline: D2
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